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Advanced planning visit 14.08-17.08.2020

3 syyskuun, 2020

On Friday evening Neci Cyprus participants arrived in Finland and stayed overnight in YAD´s facilities in Lutakko. Saturday morning we started by getting to know each other and of course got some breakfast. After that we started to go through the program of our youth exchange.

We went through day by day, and talked about different possibilities, exercises, shared responsibilities to both groups, we also checked if there is something we want to change in the programme or how to make it better and more efficient.


We talked about different responsibilities in the programme and how to fulfill them with the whole group. We did also think about Plan b, if the Covid-19 gets worse and makes the exchange not possible to take place on 01.10-09.10.2020. We did discuss different online possibilities and could we use social media also by doing different challenges and tasks to both groups (Finnish and Cyprus) 

After the programme we had lunch and after that had a little walk around. After that we went through the budget of this Apv and the youth exchange. We calculated that we can be more budget friendly in many ways and use it more efficiently, by doing this we have more to use in this project. Also by being more precise in budget, we can overcome if there is some changes in budget (expenses).

We did use pretty much the whole saturday planning and discussing and making sure that we all are in agreement about the project. After a heavy day of planning we went for a lovely diner in a local restaurant.


On a sunday our topic was the next steps on this project and to clarify the whole timeline of this project. On the next steps we talked about what Finnish group does in the exchange and what the Cyprus group does. We also planned how we could ensure active participation of the participants during the exchange. For example we thought to have more little activities visible in the project timetable to create more possibilities for participants to be active. There was also discussion on how to plan activities with the group. We also checked what is already done in the steps and what there is still to be done.

We talked about the timeline of this exchange and how to make it easier to read and follow, so we decided that one of the participants should make a daily timeline that everyone in our group can follow easier and knows where to be and when.

On Monday after some shopping and lunch Neci participants travelled back to home.

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On behalf of the APV team 


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